India proffers the magical canvas of its pictorial landscape of diverse topography and climate invoking an intrepid traveler to explore the exhilarating beauty of rustic faraway lands. Untamed remote corners provide a unique experience that takes an undaunted traveler to let go all inhibitions and enjoy the frills and thrills and assay his agility and endurance amidst the amphitheatre of the Himalayas. . The Mecca of most alluring adventure activities is the Himalayan region. The vast terrains of the mighty Himalayas, encompasses magnificent travel attractions in India that includes the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Sikkim and the seven sisters.

The congruence of sky, land and water transpires into picturesque scenery creating an ardent desire to explore the inner self. A soulful journey with our camel safari in the heartless Himalayan deserts, jeep safari and biking along the deep narrow trenches, water rafting in the untamed rivers, skiing and trekking on the snow clad mountains, conquering every possible difficulty level, quenches the thirst of every traveler. Bright sky, placid sea and golden beaches of the vast Indian coastline provide tremendous opportunity for adventure sports in the form of diving, snorkeling, surfing and parasailing. Traverse the islands to glide across the sea surface and discover the underwater life of the ocean with gigantic coral reefs.

Experience the new feat of adventure with the pro-efficient team of Frontiers Beyond, which is well equipped to plan a perfect adventure holiday across India with base choices on trip length and extreme weather conditions. It ensures the global safety standards and deploys equipments that meet international standards. The key to a truly out of the world adventure experience in India is to spell out the expectations and choice of activities before-hand. But, when you are travelling with our team, stay assured that our expert adventure team will pick all necessary details to arrange the most suitable itinerary. With us -

‘Adventure in India is the new calling!’