For many across the world, the coffee table books of Jim Corbett’s ‘The man eaters of Kumaon’ or Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The jungle book stories’, in all their translations, were the first introduction to India and its mysterious jungles. The books invented the idea of Indian jungles, as a land of wonders, innocence and full of unmatched wild treasures. Wildlife here is as varied as it is colourful and abundant.

The Indian subcontinent, blessed with the most desperate geography and climate, supports the exotic range of flora and fauna. Myriad species amid dramatic, unspoilt landscapes, expect your soul to be touched forever. Its vast pristine forests are of contrasts and seemingly impossible juxtapositions. There are 400 plus wildlife sanctuaries and 99 National parks sprawling across the country. Our natural home accommodates an estimate over 350 species of mamals , 2100 types of birds, 350 varieties of reptiles and countless insects. White tiger and Royal Bengal tiger is endemic to India.

Each of these parks provide ample opportunity to experience the wild from close quarters. One can cruise around staying on a boat or choose to stay ashore and enjoy land based exploration on elephant back, open jeeps and camouflaged machans. These parks also offer excellent general game viewing.

At Frontiers Beyond, we make you experience the life enriching journeys through out India’s wild. Sooth your soul and unwind yourself on a date with the big cats ranging around the National parks , in our safari experience. The feel of jungle never fails to excite one and its waiting for you to discover them on your holiday with us.