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India is a filming paradise. It is blessed with an expansive myriad of landscapes and a prodigious medley of subjects and contexts. We at Frontiers Beyond believe that the huge expanse of the country with its multiple cultures and social systems open up teeming possibilities that wait creative harnessing.

Frontiers Beyond thus presents India as the ultimate filmmaker’s destination. Building upon the foundations of research and recce including maps, photos, videos, inventories and more, we as specialized players in film making are here to assist you in completing your project. We have a proficient team of experts who assist production houses with end-to-end solutions from arrival in India, to helping in getting regulatory clearances, finalizing locations, organizing logistics for the entire team for actual shoot, and above all ensuring a rejuvenating stay throughout the journey. The teambelieves in quality production, post-production, and special events services in controlled environments.

Today Frontiers Beyond is synonymous with success. The energetic and experienced team can vaunt of an impeccable record of assisting many national and international production houses to shoot in India and in its neighbouring countries with absolute tranquillity.

India is a great platform to showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage, variety of travel destinations, diversity of locales, and its flavours where shooting films and documentaries is more than a divine experience.At Frontiers Beyond, we completely understand the zest one may have to shoot a film or documentary. Hence, our clients always stay assured that all the regulatory and local clearances can be left to our competent team, who always stand by our filmmaker clients.